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Spinning Target

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Spinning Target
$69.77 local_offer

Practice your aim and stay sharp with our new shooting targets. Made from durable polyurethane (TPU), these targets will hold up to hundreds or even thousands of rounds from almost any caliber* with multiple styles to choose from.

Our spinner target is an innovative two-piece design that snaps together and mounts on an included steel post (Free Standing Post Variant) or can be mounted to any durable horizontal or vertical surface using the included lag bolt (Lag Bolt Mounted Variant). These targets will spin around when shot to let you know it's been hit. The two-piece design allows you to replace one piece at a time as they “wear out” without having to replace the entire unit. These can also be used standalone – just throw them on the ground or hang them from a tree branch using some rope.

*Larger caliber weapons will decrease the life expectancy of the targets. Targets will last longer with smaller calibers.

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